Fuck you...and you and you.

Preps... oh kings and queens of retardedness

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Why preps.... are fucking retarded....

I hate preps.
Not to make this a hate site |-coughcough-| but...
I hope all preps get stabbed in the eye with a hot fry, on the end of a plastic spork.

In fact, your retarded. And im here to present my case.

A.You spend hundred of dollars....on a pair of PANTS! uhm...I can get the very same pants form a diffrent brand....for 30 dollars.... im sorry, someone do the math for me....ah der.

B.Because of their 'cliques'. If one of them doesnt agree with all of the leaders opinions then they are cast out as 'uncool'. fuck yea, im uncool.

C.Becuase the world,doesnt fucking revolve around them, yet they think it does. SURPRISE. Ever see how insulted preps are when you dont talk to them when they want you to, or do what they want you to. Hey, I got a surprise for you, your not god.

D. Because if they arent a mere 45 Lbs. They are fat. COME ON PEOPLE.

E. Because they make us slackers look bad, what with their straight A's and...jobs...and all...Im so goth,I dont need a job.


More coming soon....please...do not Jiz yourself in excitment...I know...I know...