Fuck you...and you and you.
Bush lies, People Die
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The first casualty of War Is TRUTH
Bush lies...People die

Apparently, intelligence is not a strength of the bush white house. Yet the foundation of his foreign plicy -preemptive strikes as exemplified in the Iraqi war- Depends on precise intelligence. Below I will compare the prewar claims of bush and the prewar estimates of US inteligence with the facts uncovered by the massive David Kay- Led US inspection team. Kay's team spent 300 million dollars scouring Iraq for more than six months looking for weapons of mass destruction. The comparison shows that the CIA vastly overestimated Iraq's WMD capabilitys and that president bush in turn grossly exaggerated or even ignored the CIA's views in order to justify his coming attack on Iraq.

Linking Iraq to the Sept. 11 Attacks and Al Qaeda:
BUSH: "Iraq and Al Qaeda have had high level contacts that go back a decade." (White house press statement 10/7/02) He also alleged that one of the ringleaders of Sept.11 met with Iraqi intelligence before the attacks.

INTELLIGENCE: Before the war, senior intelligence officials described the alligations linking Saddam Hussien to Al Qaeda and the Sept. 11 attacks as "thin reeds" and found
no evidence of the supposed meeting between the sept. 11 hijacker and Iraqi officials. (washington post 9/11/02)

FACT: Cheif U.S. inspector David Kay found "no real connection" between Iraq and Al Qaeda. (David Kay, Senate Hearing Testimony 1/28/04) Bush was finally forced to admit: "We have no evidence that Saddam Hussien was involved in Sept. 11" attacks. (CBS/AP 9/18/03)

Nuclear Weapons:

BUSH: Saddam hussein" could have a nuclear weapon in less than a year" ( White house press statement 10/7/02)

INTELLIGENCE:The prewar national intelligence estimate concluded it was highly unlikely that Iraq could build a nuclear bomb befrore 2007 and probably not until 2009.( George Tenet, CIA director, georgetown address 2/5/04)

FACT: Kay's team found no makings of nuclear weapons and said it would take numerous years for Iraq to uild that capacity. (Kay testimony)

BUSH: "saddam has recently sought significant quantities of uranium from africa" ( state of the union address, January 2003)

INTELLIGENCE: Prior to bush's claim, the CIA sent two memos to the white house strongly doubting the claim.(washington post 7/22/03)

FACT: Joseph Wilson, who was sent to africa by the CIA to investigate the Uranium claim in early 2002, found that the information was based on forged documents and was utterly false.

BUSH: "Iraq has attempted to purchase high-strength aluminum tubes suitable for nuclear weapons production"(state of the union, 2003)

INTELLIGENCE: The department of energy, backed by the State departments intelligence branch, todl the white house three months prior to bush's speech that the tubes were not suitable for uranium enrichment. (Washington post 10/26/03)

FACT: Kay's team found no evidence that the tubes were appropriate for nuclear reconstriction or that the effort had even begun (Kay testimony)


BUSH: Iraq has anthrax and a "massive stockpile of biological weapons...capable of killing millions" (white house press statement 10/7/02)

INTELLIGENCE: The prewar National Intelligence Estimate stated that raq had biological weapons and the elements of an active program that was "Larger and more advanced than before the gulf war" (tenet address)

FACT: David Kay found no chemical or biological weapons in Iraq and said there is no evidence that the Iraqis had produced any since 1991. (Kay testimony).

I've been walking through your streets,
Where all you money's earning,
Where all your biulding's crying,
And clueless neckties working,
Revolving fake lawn houses,
Housing all your fears,
Desensitized by TV,
overbearing advertising,
God of consumerism,
And all your crooked
Looking good, mirrorism,
Filtering information,
For the public eye,
Designed for profiteering,
Your neighboor, what a guy.

Every time you drop the bomb,
You kill the god your child has born.

Modern globalization,
Coupled with condemnations,
Unnecessary death,
Matador corporations,
Puppeting your frustrations,
With the blinded flag,
Manufacturing consent
Is the name of the
The bottom line is money,
Nobody gives a fuck.
4000 hungry children die per hour,
from starvation,
while billions spent on bombs,
create death showers.

Every time you drop the bomb,
You kill the god your child has born.

Why, why, why, why must we kill, kill, kill, kill, our own, own, own, own

Every time you drop the bomb,
You kill the god your child has born.
Every time you drop the bomb.

-System of a down"boom"

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