Fuck you...and you and you.
Why girls hate guys
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Hey, im here to state my opinion, dont like it, go fuck yourself.

Why girls hate guys...a simple overview of the most common idiocy:
I often hear men complain about girls in their PMS. Mistake number one. You know why girls have pms? Because every day we deal with dumbasses like you. Not only at home, but in the workplace, at the bars, even on the road. Could you please tell me why? Because most men believe themselves superior. You know what it takes to make a man overly egotisticle? A dick. Most men I know, Not saying ALL cuz I know some that are awesome, but most, are ugly as hell, believe me I wouldnt fuck them for 100,000,000 dollars, But one chick says his dick is nice, hes all about himself. So if any girl doesnt want you, or says your ugly, they have pms. OH MY GOD!  No, were just honest.
Mistake 2. Thinking we wanna get in your pants. We dont. Well, unless your a supreme hottie with a six pack and all toned ness. But most likely then you have your heads up your ass any ways. So no, were not looking forward to speaking to you. Dumbass. In order to want to sleep with a man, I want to know they have a great personality. They cant be all about themselves. they need to know their not the shit. I've seen better in females.  which brings me to my next point....
Mistake 3, the last ill bother explaining: Most men think, lesbians all want to give them a show. Now , i dont know if you have noticed, but lesbians are lesbians for a reason. THEY LIKE GIRLS. being bi, I know how annoying it is for guys who hoot and holler every time I kiss my girlfriend. (Luv ya Bittney)WE ARENT THERE FOR SHOW! no , we will not dyke it out for you. stop..asking. okay, my heads going to explode. this is it! men, learn from this...

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