Fuck you...and you and you.
The 10 things all women want, from a women
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10 things all women want

10. Someone who wont say they love them if they dont mean it, because you know us crazy women, we go and do stuff like believe it.
9. Cuddling, without the promise of sex.
8. The promise that, one day, you wont walk up behind us, grab our back fat , jiggle it and say "whats this huh? time for a diet" its just...its just annoyingly dumb of you. plus it cuts away form any sex you might be having.
7. No lies. A big one, fellas, know you got issues with the lieing thing, get over it. hey, tell us you wanna fuck that hot chick working the corner, maybe you'll get a 3 some out of it. or slapped. depends on if your girls bi or not. haha.
6.Sex. Where we actually get the chance to orgasm. you guys can do it with a plastic doll, it dont work that way for chicks, you need to actually try to please us, for peters sake.
5.The right to say no to sex without hearing "you never wanna do it, lookit all this porn i've got collected up from all the nights you wont fuck me" oh cry me a river, I need to orgasm to ya know.
4. Romance. Now...im not saying every day you gotta bring her roses, or whatever. but...you know.. once a week or something... draw her a nice warm bath and I dunno, help her into it, you might even get some out of it, or like... write her a song, I didnt say you have to be good at it, just so she knows your thinking of her. get her a card without an occasion. think about it.
3. Have 'our song'. Sure, it sounds cheesy, but you know as well as I, every time she hears that song shes gunna wanna go down on you...or something. Its the way it works, its like, you dont have to do anything besides choose a song, and its an automatic sex trigger, because she thinks your thinking of her. easy.
2. Hair. Yea, its really important. Blad guys are...well..bald. Danmit. Get plugs I mean, come on. BALD GUYS , ITS NOT COOL TO BE BALD. Rogain okay, simple solutions to something so ugly. thats like a girl with too much hair on her face. fix it. gah.

1. Respect. YES. its a song for christs sake. r-e-s-p-e-c-t find out what it...okay but anyways... treat her like she deserves to be treated, if you love her, treat her like a queen, dont 'forget' to call her or, have your car 'break down' on the day of something, for example, and lack of a better one, prom. Its the biggest day of a girls life besides her wedding (if you miss your own wedding..well..haha) dont fucking miss it and then make up gay excuses.|-coughJamiecough-| thats it. learn boys, LEARN!

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