Fuck you...and you and you.

Quotes and Convo's

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  • "Please tell your pants its not nice to point..." I used this once when i worked at Jakums in sheboygan. This guy...well...nvm.
  • Reason to smile: Every seven minutes of every day, someone in an aerobics class pulls a hamstring. (so very true)
  • Man with hand in pocket feel cocky all day (think about it, say it in your head with a chinease voice, or out loud if you want people to think your crazy)
  • "I got my hair highlighted, because I felt some strands were more important than others"- Mitch Hepburg
  • If carrots got you drunk, rabbits would be fucked up. (because i have a nack for stating the painfully obvious)
  • you're just jealous cause the little voices talk to me!
  • isn't having a smoking section in a resturaunt sorta like having a peeing section in a pool?
  • don't put your fingers where you wouldn't put your face
  • i knew something was wrong when my imaginary frends wouldn't talk to me
  • don't interupt me while i'm talking to myself
  • always remember--when a guy sweeps you off ur feet
    he is in the perfect position to drop you on your butt
  • I'm the kind of person my parents want me to stay away from
  • happy happy joy joy ima kinki sex toy beat me bite me make me bleed kinky sex is all i need
  • Funny, i had a simular conversation with my wall this morning...
  • A pig's orgasm lasts 30 minutes.
    (In my next live I want to be a pig.)
    • About this, a convo between me n Indy...
    • gerrodmcapps: I'm reading about how you wanna become a pig, to be honest, I don't know if I would wanna orgasm to last thirty minutes, I mean, can you imagine all the Gatorade you would go through to replenish all that fluid.
      xyourxlovexisxdeadx : haha! thats so true
      xyourxlovexisxdeadx : im sorry, ill rethink my theory
      gerrodmcapps: It'd be too expensive, lol
      xyourxlovexisxdeadx : ill put a little update note in just for you
      xyourxlovexisxdeadx : haha
      gerrodmcapps: cause that shit is not cheap
      xyourxlovexisxdeadx : hell no its not

  • An ostrich's eyes is bigger than its brain.
    (I know some people like that.)
  • Another fun fun conversation:

    dui_si_deus : Universal education is the most corroding and disintegrating poison that liberalism has ever invented for its own destruction.
    dui_si_deus : - Adolf Hitler.
    dui_si_deus : XD
    xyourxlovexisxdeadx : haha
    dui_si_deus : He's my fucking idle.
    dui_si_deus : >.> I want to be like him.
    xyourxlovexisxdeadx : im a liberal
    dui_si_deus : Seriously.
    xyourxlovexisxdeadx : w00t ...hey...wait...im part jewqish haha
    dui_si_deus : I'm a SHUT-THE-FUCK-UP!
    dui_si_deus : Seriously.
    dui_si_deus : Ask me my stance on abortion.
    dui_si_deus : DO IT!@
    xyourxlovexisxdeadx : whats...your stance..on abortion
    dui_si_deus : >.> My stance?
    dui_si_deus : I'm not pro-choice, and I'm not pro-life.
    dui_si_deus : I'm pro you shutting the fuck up.
    xyourxlovexisxdeadx : haha
    dui_si_deus : I say we outlaw abortion, but make it legal to kill babies.
    dui_si_deus : That way, everyone loses.
    xyourxlovexisxdeadx : haha
    dui_si_deus : Hell, extend it to everyone!
    dui_si_deus : Look at old people.
    dui_si_deus : Driving so fucking slow.
    dui_si_deus : Swerving around so randomly.
    dui_si_deus : Never before has a group of people begged so badly to be aborted.
    dui_si_deus : And... I'm spent.

So...uhm..about them pigs....