Pollution and Recycling Science Project

Preventing Air Pollution
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Things you can do to lessen and prevent air pollution:

  1. Carpool.
  2. Walk or ride a bicycle.
  3. Shop by phone or web
  4. Ride public transit.
  5. Accelerate gradually.
  6. Use cruise control on the highway.
  7. Obey the speed limit.
  8. Combine your errands into one trip.
  9. Don't top off at the gas pumps.
  10. Replace your car's air filter.
  11. Select products that are water-based or have low amounts of volatile organic compounds (VOCs).
  12. Use water-based paints. Look for paints labeled "zero-VOC."
  13. Paint with a brush, not a sprayer.
  14. Use a push or electric lawn mower.
  15. Turn off the lights when you leave a room.
  16. Use a thermostat that automatically turns off the air conditioner or heater when you don't need them.
  17. Add insulation to your home.
  18. Use a fan instead of air conditioning.
  19. Use an EPA-approved wood burning stove or fireplace insert.
  20. Choose recycled products.


Sources :
Smoking, cooking/heating appliances, vapors from building matiriels, paints, etc..


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