Pollution and Recycling Science Project

Recycling plastics

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Recycling Plastics:

   There are 7 types of recycleable plastics,amke sure to bag each seperatly according to their type.


Type 1: PETE- Polythylene Trerephthalate

                Soda and water containers, some waterproof packaging

Type 2: HDPE- High density Polyethylene
                      Milk, detergent, and oil bottles, toys and plastic bags.

Type 3: V- Vinyl/polyvinyl chloride(PVC)

                Food wrap, vegetable oil bottles, blister packages, some clothing

Type 4: LDPE- Low density polyethylene
                      Plastic bags, shrink wrap, garment bags

Type 5: PP-Polypropylene

            Refrigerated containers,some bags, bottle tops, some carpets, some food wrap

Type 6: PS- Polystyrene 

            plastic utensils, meat packaging, protective packing

Type 7: OTHER  Usually layered or mixed plastic
           no recycling potential-must be land filled


Jenika De Mey Hour 4 Science Mrs.Henschel